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How to Propose: When Your Girlfriend Knows That You Are Going to Propose?

I was surfing the net this morning when I saw this very cool article by Stefanie Tuder. It so impressive that I decided to re-blog and share this to you.

In an age where marriage proposals are becoming more and more grand, it can be hard to keep the elaborate event a secret. Which is exactly what happened to Jordan Halland, 33, of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, when his girlfriend, Summer Jones, 25, figured out his proposal plan the day of the surprise.

Jack Andraka, 15-Year-Old, Developed Revolutionary Cancer Test

Jack Andraka is a 15-year old high school student from Maryland. He developed an inexpensive way to test for early-stage pancreatic cancer. As a result he won Intel's prestigious $75,000 Gordon E. Moore Award last December 2012. I bet this kid will change the future of medicine.

Homeless Boy (Choi, Sung-bong) Inspires the World

This is one of the most touching and most inspiring video I have ever seen in my entire life. If you think you have the worst life because of the current situation you are in, watch this video! Be inspired to never give up on your dreams and start looking at life differently.

Have You Clearly Defined Your Goals?

Another long and chilly day out here but still beautiful as always. I'm just thankful for the privilege to wake up every morning and enjoy time with the people I love. I know some of us would wake up in the morning and instead of greeting it with gratitude we curse it. I remember when I was in my previous job, I hated waking up during the week days. No matter how beautiful the day was, I just can not see it as something worth celebrating. It was hard for me to see and recognize the blessing of life and the privilege of spending it with my family, friends, and colleagues.

The Scariest Elevator Prank Ever!

This is one of the best pranks I have ever seen. It literally got me crying while laughing! Make sure you don't have any heart conditions before watching this one. Watch the video below and tell me what you think.

A Thankful Heart is A Happy Heart

Every parent wants the best for their children and instilling good values in them is one of the best things we can do while they are still young.

My daughter loves music so much and enjoys singing a lot that's why I use songs to teach and remind her. One song I use to remind her on being thankful and always content with what she has is a song from the Veggie Tales Thankfulness Song (Because a Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart). Check it out. Enjoy!

Thankfulness Song Lyrics

A Good Laugh After A Busy Day - Failed Mortar

After a long and busy day at work, I decided to unwind for awhile and read my personal emails. I needed a few minutes to get my mind off work and refresh myself. After reading all my emails and emptying my spam folders, I went ahead and surfed the net and I stumbled on an animated gif which got me laughing out loud in the office.

I hope you like it. Smile!

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