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Have You Clearly Defined Your Goals?

Another long and chilly day out here but still beautiful as always. I'm just thankful for the privilege to wake up every morning and enjoy time with the people I love. I know some of us would wake up in the morning and instead of greeting it with gratitude we curse it. I remember when I was in my previous job, I hated waking up during the week days. No matter how beautiful the day was, I just can not see it as something worth celebrating. It was hard for me to see and recognize the blessing of life and the privilege of spending it with my family, friends, and colleagues. I remember being so negative, I go to work and I don't greet anyone. I just pass by all my work mates, go straight to my chair, sit and open my computer. I mostly sat there hours and hours just working on my emails and finishing my tasks not talking to anybody around me. I occasionally smile and nod at those who smiles at me first then I go back to my daily tasks. Clock strikes 5pm, I take off and most of the time without saying good-bye. Deep within me I started looking for something else. Something better which can make me smile again. I could say I was earning good money, not much but it was sufficient. I was content financially and I knew it was never a financial reason.

I really thank God for my wife. She stood by me everyday and she never gave up on me. Sometimes she absorbs all the negative things I carried home from work (All the anger, stress, and problems) but she was always there. She tells my 2-year old daughter back then, "Go greet your papa with a hug and a kiss". In an instant everything changes! I forget about work and I was happy again! Then the night ends and we go to bed. Sunrise rises and morning comes, the cycle REPEATS AGAIN!! It was very tiring and it just drains the life out of me. I kept asking and searching for answers on how to break out of that depressing cycle. One day, I had a realization! Every time my wife and daughter hugs and kisses me when I get home from work, I feel HAPPY and PEACEFUL! I said I got it! This is what life is all about for me! It took me a long time to realize that what made me happy is being with my family. Spending time with my love ones is the treasure I was looking for. TIME FREEDOM was my "X" mark on the treasure map. After identifying this, my goals became so clear and I got so focused in achieving my goal! I knew immediately what to do and I started searching for opportunities online and offline. I haven't fully claimed my goal yet but I believe I'm almost there and it won't long my dream will be a REALITY!

Wow this just came out spontaneously! I started off to write our Empower Network Day 7 case study results but I guess something more important was meant to be shared. I think sharing a portion of my life and a bit of what I went through and going through is more useful than statistics. Well as far as I know in the online world, a thousand people do the same things over and over but the results always differ.
I guess I just want to challenge you tonight. Before you go on and do what you are doing, spend a few minutes or so and just think about what makes you happy. What inspires you to do all the things you are currently doing. Why do you do it and for whom? Try to identify it as soon as possible so you won't get trapped in the seemingly endless depressing cycle like me. The answer is just under your nose. All you have to do is identify and acknowledge it. Hopefully this will allow you to CLEARLY DEFINE YOUR GOAL just like me.


If you are looking for Day 6 results, I decided to post something fun yesterday. You can find it here Elevator Prank. I decided just now that I will start posting different stuff rather than focusing solely on the case study results. Things might get too boring if it's all about case study. I will still continue to post and update you guys on the results. I will remain transparent and unbias. Take care and I hope you gained something from this post. Don't forget to share this!

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