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Homeless Boy (Choi, Sung-bong) Inspires the World

This is one of the most touching and most inspiring video I have ever seen in my entire life. If you think you have the worst life because of the current situation you are in, watch this video! Be inspired to never give up on your dreams and start looking at life differently. No matter how challenging life may be, take time to listen and seek the things that gives hope.

There were times where I just felt like giving up especially when things doesn't go as planned or when I don't see any results or progress with the things I want to accomplish. This story strongly reminded me that things are not too bad. We just need to learn and see the good around us. For me, I'm just thankful I have people around that supports, encourages, and believes in me.

"Regardless of the hard life - run passionately toward what you really want!"

Kudos to you Choi, Sung-bong (Korea's Got Talent) a homeless boy from the streets of Korea that inspired the world! Never give up on your dreams! Share and like this post because I know you were inspired too!!

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