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Do I Need External Autoresponder for Empower Network?

Empower network case study day 26. Here is an update regarding my previous support ticket about my missing leads. At first I thought my leads just opted out good thing I persistently followed up until I got logical answers from the technical support team. There two things we need to be aware of regarding the EN system.


Empower Network System Does Not Have a Built-in Autoresponder

Yup you read it right! I actually didn’t believe this at first I had to re-post the support’s answer and get it reconfirmed. (Actual email below)

“The Empower Network lead capture page functionality actually does only collect the leads for you but it does not send any follow up emails. If you would like to do this, then you will need to link an external autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse.”- support

Is this real?? I though EN already has a system autoresponder in place and it is only optional to get Aweber or Getresponse? Please confirm – William

This statement is correct. – support

For the first 2 weeks, I actually assumed that follow up emails where already sent to my captured leads. I got very curious about the progress. I might have missed some information or misunderstood something but I’m happy that I learned about this the first few weeks.

Empower Network Missing Leads Explained

I’m still not fully convinced about this answer but here it goes.

As far as you not being able to see your leads. What typical happens is that affiliate generates leads. If one of those leads finds another affiliates Empower lead capture page and optins (using the same email address), then the lead information (email address) no longer appears in the old affiliates ‘View Leads’ area and will appear in the new affiliates ‘View leads’ area. – support

It sounds logical but looking at behavioral patterns it is a bit odd and it just doesn’t really fit. This is what happened with my leads

  • Day 6 -  5 leads
  • Day 7 – 2 leads left
  • Day 8 – moved up to 8 leads (some leads that I lost in Day 6 reappeared)
  • Day 9 – 3 leads left
  • Day 10 – moved up to 11 leads (again some leads that I lost in Day 9 reappeared)
  • Day 11 – I integrated my Aweber account
  • Day 12 – the leads that come and go never got re-captured into my Aweber.

I’m not sure if you would agree with me but I don’t think a person would opt-in to different Empower lead capture page everyday. Like opt-in to mine then to another then back to mine etc. I also think the purpose of the “Capture” pages are defeated if they are not really captured and they just jump from one list to another.

Solution Implemented

Now to answer the question, YES! You need an autoresponder. Since I’m not planning to end my case study early, I decided to have my own solution. I integrated my Aweber account (affiliate link) with the Empower Network system. I did a post on how to do the integration here.

When new people joins your empower team, always advise them to get Aweber or Getresponse on day one especially if they are signing up as affiliates. This way they don’t lose any leads and they can immediately send following up emails to their captured leads.

Now it’s time to do income producing activities!

I hope this post helps. Information is very helpful! Share or like this post!


<p>Hello there... How long have you been with EN and what kind of money have you made thus far?&nbsp; I&#39;m currently reading and doing a lot of research on EN and came across your blog.&nbsp;</p><p>Your honest input will be greatly appreciated.</p><p>Thanks.</p>

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