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Case Study Results

Ingredient to Success - Believe!

Empower network case study day 9. It's the ninth day of our case study and I am happy because I'm still online and faithfully doing my core commitment to blog daily. I just logged into my back office and checked my captured leads section and I found something very odd. I only got 3 leads left from the 8 that we had yesterday!

Have You Clearly Defined Your Goals?

Another long and chilly day out here but still beautiful as always. I'm just thankful for the privilege to wake up every morning and enjoy time with the people I love. I know some of us would wake up in the morning and instead of greeting it with gratitude we curse it. I remember when I was in my previous job, I hated waking up during the week days. No matter how beautiful the day was, I just can not see it as something worth celebrating. It was hard for me to see and recognize the blessing of life and the privilege of spending it with my family, friends, and colleagues.

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