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What are Scales in Music

What are scales in music? Music scales refer to a series or sequence of notes that go in an ascending and descending order. There are several kinds of scales in music and they are usually distinguished by the pattern of the intervals between adjacent keys on your piano. Mastery of music scales is very important because this serves as a structure in determining which notes can be used in a specific key. Music scales also gives us the foundation in chords construction. Once you get the formula, you can apply this on any musical instrument you want to learn.

Names of Black Keys

Welcome! In this section we are going to take a look at the black keys! This part is a little tricky that is why I want to make sure you did your part on learning the white keys on your keyboard first. If you haven't done so, follow the link Get to Know Your White Keys.
Now that you know the white keys, we are ready to learn about the black keys! I call these keys the sharp and flat keys or notes. Sharp (#) means higher in pitch by half step or semitone. Flat (b) is the other way around, lower in pitch by half step. To simplify things, lets take a look at the keyboard below. A sharp note is the next key to the right of a natural note (white key). Basic formula that I use; Sharp = left to right. As an example, let's take A and move to the right we find the next key is A#. This concept is applicable on all the keys on your keyboard.

Get to Know Your White Keys

Ok now lets start! First let's identify the notes on your keyboard. Below, you can see a picture of a keyboard with labeled white keys from C to C (C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C). This is what we call an octave. Octave is usually defined as a tone that is eight diatonic degrees above or below another given tone. Well this just complicates everything.. to simplify things, it means C to C (lower C to higher C or vice versa), B to B, A to A, etc.. It might look intimidating at this point but I assure you it will become much simpler as we go through the lessons. For now, I just want you to identify the C note on your keyboard. The simpliest way to do that is to look at your black keys. You will notice that the black keys are grouped, two black keys as one group and another for three black keys. C is always the note or white key before the two grouped black keys. 

Learn How To Play Piano

Hi welcome to this page. I believe you have searched a lot of sites on how to play the piano or keyboard before you got here but didn't find what you were looking for. Now your search is over! This resource site is built specifically for you. I have compiled easy to follow intructions that will help you in playing the piano or keyboard with little or no knowledge in notes. We'll be learning a lot about scales, chords and improvisation. I promise you it will get you playing that keyboard or piano in no time! No more running around the bush let's get you playing that instrument right now!

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