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Do I Need External Autoresponder for Empower Network?

Empower network case study day 26. Here is an update regarding my previous support ticket about my missing leads. At first I thought my leads just opted out good thing I persistently followed up until I got logical answers from the technical support team. There two things we need to be aware of regarding the EN system.


Empower Network's Support Team is Inefficient

Empower network case study day 17. I finally received a response from the support team regarding my missing leads. It took them over a week to get back at me with an unsatisfactory answer. Good thing I already took action and secured my leads by integrating my Aweber account with empower network.

Ingredient to Success - Believe!

Empower network case study day 9. It's the ninth day of our case study and I am happy because I'm still online and faithfully doing my core commitment to blog daily. I just logged into my back office and checked my captured leads section and I found something very odd. I only got 3 leads left from the 8 that we had yesterday!

Have You Clearly Defined Your Goals?

Another long and chilly day out here but still beautiful as always. I'm just thankful for the privilege to wake up every morning and enjoy time with the people I love. I know some of us would wake up in the morning and instead of greeting it with gratitude we curse it. I remember when I was in my previous job, I hated waking up during the week days. No matter how beautiful the day was, I just can not see it as something worth celebrating. It was hard for me to see and recognize the blessing of life and the privilege of spending it with my family, friends, and colleagues.

My Empower Network Results After 6 Days - Case Study Day 6

Empower network case study day 6. Today is Sunday. I had another wonderful day out with my family. One of the sweetest and most relaxing days I have ever had in the past weeks. Since it's a Sunday I will make this post short and sweet. I just want to simply show my results for the day. After driving FREE traffic to my posts and landing pages this morning, I now have a total of 5 leads to date.

Is It Worth Upgrading to Empower Network's Inner Circle? - Case Study Day 5

Empower network case study day 5. It's a beautiful sunny and white Saturday! It's a great day to go out and be with the people that you love right? Eat in a restaurant not worrying about the bill you pay. Just enjoying each others presence without worry about time or money is such a great feeling. I know most of us can do this on the weekends but have you ever imagined doing this every day of the week? Or have you ever dreamed or longed to just experience it? Christmas is just around the corner.

Empower Network Resistance Free Production? Case Study Day 4

Empower network case study day 4. It's Friday night and I'm getting kinda lazy to blog BUT I have a commitment to fulfill so here I am. I did a lot of reading and listening today and my brain is just literally filled with so much information. I have to get some of these information out so others would benefit from it as well.

Does Empower Network Produce Results? Case Study Day 3

Empower network case study day 3. This is it! I finally finished the 8 fast start video series. Honestly, the commitments are a bit hard for me to keep but I am locked in on this one. I'm not a wussy and I won't make any excuses! I won't give Dave the pleasure of calling me one! I just need to do what needs to be done.

Is Empower Network Worth It - Case Study Day 2

Empower Network case study - Day two. I went through the fast start series today but I wasn't able to finish all eight videos. I only got to the fifth video and I literally got loads of quality information. This got me so excited that I stopped the video training and I just implemented everything I've learned today. The cool thing about this is they really encourage people to decide and "take action". So far the system really looks very promising but of course in this case study we're looking for results.

Does Empower Network Work? - Case Study Day 1

For the past few months I've been seeing a lot of ads about Empower Network so I decided to do a research about them. I wanted to know if it really works or if it's just a bunch of hype. So far most of the reviews I found are positive. I saw tons of testimonials that the products really works and people are really earning a good living from it. So after weeks of research, I decided to give it a shot. I decided to join the network to see and experience first hand if all the claims are real. For the next three months, I will be blogging everyday about the progress.

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