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How To Secure Outlook From Viruses

While Outlook is a popular and easy to use mail program, there are instabilities central to the application that make it vulnerable to viruses and spyware. It’s not surprising that it’s a target for spyware and viruses. Bundled with most Windows operating systems, it is used on almost all computers and it gives hackers direct access to your hard drive. Here are some steps you can take to improve Outlook security.
-Switch off the Preview Pane-
The Preview Pane is a great little feature to scan through a lot emails quickly. Unfortunately, its very convenience makes the Preview Pane a strong target for hackers. The problem, is that Outlook considers previewing and email and opening an email one and the same thing. This means you’re scanning through a bunch of emails without knowing what the content is and Outlook is downloading the email contents at the same time. You can see how this perverse outcome can leave you exposed to hackers. Turn Preview Pane off at View -> Layout, and deselect the Show Preview Pane option.

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