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Increase Windows 7 Performance

Disable Aero Snap and Aero Peek
Windows 7's impressive visual performance and additional features will slow down your computer. This is particularly true if you've installed the new software in your existing machine, with an older graphics card. Turn off the bloat by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Ease of Access, and choose Make it easier to focus on tasks. Next, uncheck the box that says 'Prevent Windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen'. Then right click your taskbar that runs along the bottom of the screen, select Properties, and uncheck the box that says 'Use aero Peek to preview the desktop'.

Fix a DLL Error

Are you getting a DLL error when you go to open a program? Or a warning that says your files are missing or corrupted? These warnings are routine for Windows users, and are easy to fix. A DLL error stands for Dynamic Link Library, and the error refers to missing or incomplete programs.

What Causes DLL Errors?
DLL errors can be caused by uninstalled programs you thought you’d removed. When you use the Windows Uninstall feature (Start -> Control Panel -> Add Or Remove Programs), occasionally the uninstall process will remove a file that other programs use to function normally. Also, a bad installation can cause files to be corrupted before you even use the program. These are common causes for DLL Errors that can be fixed by a free and recommended hard disk scan.

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