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Does Empower Network Produce Results? Case Study Day 3

Empower network case study day 3. This is it! I finally finished the 8 fast start video series. Honestly, the commitments are a bit hard for me to keep but I am locked in on this one. I'm not a wussy and I won't make any excuses! I won't give Dave the pleasure of calling me one! I just need to do what needs to be done.

Now, it's all up to applying what I have learned. I actually have a lot to work on and one major thing is to read daily. I'm sure some of you would say,"What?! You struggle to read daily?!". Well yes because I never really enjoyed doing so. I'm just not a reader but I'm geared on improving this habit. I can really see the value in the commitments outlined to follow which is great for personal development. Renewing the mind with useful information either by reading, watching or listening really helps a lot.

I just checked my "Capture Leads" section within the Empower Network members area and guess what, one subscriber! After 3 straight days of only blogging I captured one lead. See screenshot below

Let's see if this lead converts in the next few days. Which I really hope he does for several reasons.

  1. He learns everything that I've learned.
  2. He will be inspired to IMPLEMENT or DO the things he learned.
  3. He can capture leads for his primary business or whatever he is currently up to.
  4. He has the opportunity to become an affiliate and earn 100% commissions too.
  5. Of course, I get my 100% commission ;)

At day 3, I'm pretty happy with the results I'm getting both on the business side and the personal improvement side. On my "Does it work?" meter, it's an 8 out of 10. Stay with me and let's see how things progress in the coming days. You can also read my previous posts below and you can comment so we can interact or you can share if you think this post is helpful. Good day!

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