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Empower Network Resistance Free Production? Case Study Day 4

Empower network case study day 4. It's Friday night and I'm getting kinda lazy to blog BUT I have a commitment to fulfill so here I am. I did a lot of reading and listening today and my brain is just literally filled with so much information. I have to get some of these information out so others would benefit from it as well.

Have you heard about Resistance Free Production? Where you can get people decide to buy things without any resistance? No chasing clients, no forcing anyone to buy? They just simply make a decision and buys what ever you are offering. It's a skill and anyone can learn to do it because there is a science behind it. Dave explained and demonstrated this very well in the audio I listened to today. I can't really explain it as well as he did but what I can do is list the main points. Great thing is you can download this audio for free and experience the learning first hand. Hopefully this can help your marketing and help your business.

David Wood's Magical 6 Step Process

  1. Break attention
  2. Create rapport
  3. Pacing
  4. Proof
  5. Show how
  6. Command

!!! NOTE: To download the audio, register for the FREE coaching then download the audio at the thank you page.


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