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Is Empower Network Worth It - Case Study Day 2

Empower Network case study - Day two. I went through the fast start series today but I wasn't able to finish all eight videos. I only got to the fifth video and I literally got loads of quality information. This got me so excited that I stopped the video training and I just implemented everything I've learned today. The cool thing about this is they really encourage people to decide and "take action". So far the system really looks very promising but of course in this case study we're looking for results.

The core lesson that I learned from the videos today which I want to share to you is having a real "commitment". With so much information out there today, it is easy to get distracted and lose focus on the core activities that needs to be done daily. I'm guilty! This got me to decide to recommit and focus on the necessary activities to build and scale up my business. Materials are great and of high quality (although some occasional profanity is a bit distracting). I'm looking forward to finish the fast start series and hopefully start earning some money in the coming days.

Most of the manual and tedious work are eliminated and the step by step guides are really really helpful. For people who knows how to follow instructions this is pretty simple but for those who can't execute simple instructions this will be a very complicated system :) By the way I just want to clarify,  when I say "system" I am not referring to a push-button get rich software. I'm referring to it as a method or a process which means work is necessary.

If this case study interests you, you can follow me so can get updated with my progress.

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