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How to Start Making Money with Affiliates Programs

There are several ways of making money on the internet. One of the most common and easiest way is affiliates. So what is an affiliate and how do I start doing this? People become affiliates by joining affiliate programs where they get to promote a certain product they are interested in and they start making money when a sale is made through their affiliate link. There are several ways of getting started but what I will show you is exactly how I do it. This is the most efficient and productive way I've seen in making money as affiliates. To get started I follow these three basic steps. Let's get started!

Looking for Affiliate Programs

This is the most important step when you are just starting on making money with affiliates. This is how I got started. I went to Clickbank and created an affiliate account then went through the market place and I chose a product that I am interested. After that I generated an affiliate link for the product. This link is your unique identifier and you make money when someone buys something through it. Though I started this way, it is NOT the best approach! Tips that you need to highly consider.

- Look for something with higher commissions.

- Look for recurring pay-out.

Sometimes when we just look for products we are interested, the commissions are not always that high. The average I found is only about 55% but you ALWAYS need to check the monetary equivalent. Don't promote something that's worth $5! The efforts you will put to promote a $5 product and a $500 product or service is THE SAME! I advise you look for high ticket products even if you don't know anything about it. I think it's the best way to learn new things! Another is promoting a service or product that will pay you every month as long as the person you referred continues to use the product or stay subscribed. I think this is the best because you just need to sell once but you are making money every month!


Design a Simple Landing Page

Make a simple landing page to "presell" the product you have chosen to promote. This is extremely important! This page is where you introduce the product and tell the people about the advantages or benefits. Some people uses testimonials on this page. You can put experiences, before and after results, and even some pictures. Your goal is to add credibilityto the product so people will buy it. This is very important because normally, a person will only make his final decision to buy after researching and comparing 6-10 products and or prices. This step requires technical knowledge in setting up a website and copy writing skills. Below are resources you can use if you decide to accomplish this step from scrap.

- Choosing a domain name

- Getting a hosting

- Making a landing page (Google it)

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Making Money

Send Traffic, Capture Leads and Start Making Money

After setting up your basic landing page (by the way this is also known as squeeze page) you need to start creating a list by capturing emails. Only a few people teaches this step but I'm telling you now this is the big secret of the "gurus"! As I previously mentioned, most people will only buy after researching or comparing 6-10 products. By capturing email address you can follow-up with them later through your news letters or product features using email autoresponders. There are lots of autoresponders on the internet right now but here's two I highly recommend because of the features and support they offer. Check out Aweber and Getresponse. Using this tool, create a series of emails which includes your affiliate link and configure it to send the emails automatically.Then send traffic to your landing page by promoting it on the internet. After you've done all these things, the next step is to watch your income grow!

100percent-commissions This is how I am making money with affiliate promotion or affiliate marketing. I hope this helped you a lot. If you want to skip all the researching and technical things and just want to promote a product that pays you monthly with 100% commissions and start making money, click here.

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