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Ingredient to Success - Believe!

Empower network case study day 9. It's the ninth day of our case study and I am happy because I'm still online and faithfully doing my core commitment to blog daily. I just logged into my back office and checked my captured leads section and I found something very odd. I only got 3 leads left from the 8 that we had yesterday! I'm not sure if this is a bug or something but I'm hoping the support team can provide an explanation as soon as possible. I just finished creating a support ticket. This is the fun thing about case studies, we get to see almost every angle. I promised in my previous post that I will remain transparent and unbias and that is what I am going to do. This will give us a chance to experience the Customer Service side of Empower Network. Hopefully we get a positive experience with them especially the turn around time and quality of response. Well let us wait and see!

I also want to quickly share to you a lesson I've learned while listening to my Inner Circle audio. There were actually lots of lessons but I just want to focus on one thing that really stuck with. The audio was emceed by David Sharpe and it was quite interesting for me because all the ones he called out today to share are all women! I was really inspired by the last one who shared, her name is Cristina Munoz. I won't go through all the details but this lovely lady shared that she is sick and her sickness causes her a lot of physical pain (uses morphine to help ease the pain) and she haves occasional mental surges when she is under medication. I can feel her pain by simply listening to her story and I was really inspired by her. How? She never gave up! She has a goal and even in the midst of all the pain she is going through she refuses to back down! She continues to create content whether it's a blog, email, or video. She continues to push really hard in order to accomplish the Empower Network core commitments. I can't really remember but I think it took her 7 months to get tremendous results. She is one of the top lady earners of the network at the time I wrote this post. This really got me thinking a lot today. If she can do it with all that she is going through then I believe I can make it real in my life as well!

This is what I learned today, I need to BELIEVE! I need to really really believe it in such a way that my body will follow and exert effort to do what needs to be done to make it a REALITY! It is easy to make excuses and delay things for an hour, hours turn into days, then weeks and one day you find yourself not doing anything to build your business!

If you want results, BELIEVE that YOU CAN DO IT! ACT ON IT!


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