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Is It Worth Upgrading to Empower Network's Inner Circle? - Case Study Day 5

Empower network case study day 5. It's a beautiful sunny and white Saturday! It's a great day to go out and be with the people that you love right? Eat in a restaurant not worrying about the bill you pay. Just enjoying each others presence without worry about time or money is such a great feeling. I know most of us can do this on the weekends but have you ever imagined doing this every day of the week? Or have you ever dreamed or longed to just experience it? Christmas is just around the corner. The most wonderful time of the year where families visit each other, catch up and simply spend time together. I'm excited! Really really excited because I believe I will be receiving the best gift ever! Any idea what that is? The best gift for me is TIME! Where I can just enjoy the season and have QUALITY time with my family.

We went to Walmart today looking for a Christmas tree and I cannot stop myself from hearing some of the employees' conversations. Most were dismayed and disappointed. "I have to work on the 24th and 26th". "We're operating 24 hours and my schedule is 6am..". "I'm working on Christmas day!!". It's the Christmas season! Everyone should be happy and full of joy. Thankful and excited just like when we were kids. We grow up only to find out not so.. we need to work no matter what so we can pay the bills, rent, put food on the table and all the other stuff. Children are all excited about the holidays but mom and dad needs to work during Christmas or New Year. It's sad and it's real and most of us just settle with it. But here's another REAL thing, THERE IS ALWAYS A BETTER WAY!

Most people caught in this position would always say," I HAVE NO CHOICE". But I want to share this to you that there is ALWAYS A CHOICE! Most of it are usually BETTER than where we are now. While I was listening to my Inner Circle audio today, I was really reminded of something very important. It takes a DECISION and an ACTION to have a CHANGED LIFE. I learned this long time ago when I was young. Where? In Church. It was something buried deep within me that basically influenced most of my decisions up to now. While I was listening, things started to resurface and I can see this principle which I grew up with clearer than ever. The title was "Blueprint For Getting Anything You Want". They simply dissected the topic into 3 main parts and discussed it deeper.

  1. Right Thinking
  2. Right Decisions
  3. Right Actions

These three main things can change lives tremendously. I'm sure you already saw the message with that simple outline. Right thinking always leads to right decisions and right decisions leads to right actions. If we try to look back on some the worst things or decisions we made in the past, for me personally, I just didn't care to think about it or maybe I thought about it but not enough. So I ended up doing the wrong things and got trapped there thinking there was no other way out. The good news I have for you is, IT'S NEVER TO LATE to set things on the right track! Start thinking right, take a look around you and see the people that you love. Are you missing out on something? Are you really worth $6 or $7 an hour? I believe that every person is priceless and valuable. You deserve the best things in life! Everybody has the right to live an abundant life and enjoy every time with there love ones. All you need to do is THINK RIGHT, make a DECISION and ACT on it! It might be get rough in the beginning but it sure is worth it in the end. You can do it!

Empower Network's Inner Circle audios really offer great value. I love the personal development and the team support it offers. I'm really happy that I immediately decided to become an inner circle member. You too can enjoy and have a real life! Take control of your life and gain your FREEDOM!

If you loved this post (or even if you hated it), please share it! Who knows, it might help some random person out there. Take care! You deserve all the best!

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