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Where is My Outlook Personal Folders (PST) File Located

If you want to know where your PST file is located, follow the simple steps below. This is useful when you want to repair your PST file or you want to manually backup your emails by copying your PST file to a different location.

  • Open your Microsoft Outlook
  • Right click on Personal folders

Right click on personal folders

Fix Broken Outlook Personal Folders (PST) File

If your Outlook is very slow when you open it or it keeps showing errors, your Personal Folders (PST) might have been corrupted or broken due to improper exit or closing of your Outlook. You can repair your damaged PST files by using a utility tool included in your Microsoft Outlook.

To fix your PST file, first run the Scanpst.exe which can be found in your Outlook folder or follow the paths given below depending on your Outlook version

For Outlook 2007:

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12

For Outlook 2003 and earlier versions:

SQL Server: Select All And Distinct One Column

I came across a request at work where I need to filter my data using the ID Number as a distinct column, show all the other columns (72 columns), and show the latest record. I tried a couple of rounds to get the result needed but to my surprise it was not easy to do it on my SQL server. Maybe because I never had a formal training on it. I searched through the internet for weeks but never found a decent answer. I was able to solve it and I want to share the solution I came up with.

How To Secure Outlook From Viruses

While Outlook is a popular and easy to use mail program, there are instabilities central to the application that make it vulnerable to viruses and spyware. It’s not surprising that it’s a target for spyware and viruses. Bundled with most Windows operating systems, it is used on almost all computers and it gives hackers direct access to your hard drive. Here are some steps you can take to improve Outlook security.
-Switch off the Preview Pane-
The Preview Pane is a great little feature to scan through a lot emails quickly. Unfortunately, its very convenience makes the Preview Pane a strong target for hackers. The problem, is that Outlook considers previewing and email and opening an email one and the same thing. This means you’re scanning through a bunch of emails without knowing what the content is and Outlook is downloading the email contents at the same time. You can see how this perverse outcome can leave you exposed to hackers. Turn Preview Pane off at View -> Layout, and deselect the Show Preview Pane option.

Increase Windows 7 Performance

Disable Aero Snap and Aero Peek
Windows 7's impressive visual performance and additional features will slow down your computer. This is particularly true if you've installed the new software in your existing machine, with an older graphics card. Turn off the bloat by going to Start -> Control Panel -> Ease of Access, and choose Make it easier to focus on tasks. Next, uncheck the box that says 'Prevent Windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen'. Then right click your taskbar that runs along the bottom of the screen, select Properties, and uncheck the box that says 'Use aero Peek to preview the desktop'.

Fix a DLL Error

Are you getting a DLL error when you go to open a program? Or a warning that says your files are missing or corrupted? These warnings are routine for Windows users, and are easy to fix. A DLL error stands for Dynamic Link Library, and the error refers to missing or incomplete programs.

What Causes DLL Errors?
DLL errors can be caused by uninstalled programs you thought you’d removed. When you use the Windows Uninstall feature (Start -> Control Panel -> Add Or Remove Programs), occasionally the uninstall process will remove a file that other programs use to function normally. Also, a bad installation can cause files to be corrupted before you even use the program. These are common causes for DLL Errors that can be fixed by a free and recommended hard disk scan.

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